Monday, November 19, 2007



It was not my fault.
I put the effort forth.
It was not my choice.
I gladly accept the decision.
It concludes my faith in karma; mine certainly is bad.
I couldn’t have created or related to the subject 5 years ago.
It is not my fault.
I and you are geological faults.
It we are planar rock fractures, which show evidence of relative movement.
I was in circular movement.
It the relationship counter clockwise rotation.

In geology, a fault or fault line is a planar rock fracture, which shows evidence of relative movement. Large faults within the Earth's crust are the result of shear motion and active fault zones are the causal locations of most earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by energy release during rapid slippage along faults. The largest examples are at tectonic plate boundaries but many faults occur far from active plate boundaries. Since faults do not usually consist of a single, clean fracture, the term fault zone is used when referring to the zone of complex deformation that is associated with the fault plane.


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