Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today I Made the decision to get my son back. Three yrs. ago I let my son go live with his father. At the time I was going through some stuff mentally, financially, emotional craziness withe my man. I was just crazy so my son and his father had been putting the idea of a shared living arrangement out there. So out of sheer frustration, mental exhaustion and no back up I let my son go. This is a decision that i regret every minute of everyday. I feel as if I've abandon my son. I know his father loves him, but his motives for having our son live with him I question. He recently told Coree that he can't move until he's 18yrs old. My ex-husband is known for being a manipulator,liar and bully. I don't like to interact with him because every time turns out bad for me. My man is no help plus he's another story. So I'm hoping this will go smoothly and Coree will move back home.

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Honey-Libra said...

I keep meaning to stop by and show you some love, since you always come by my lil spot in the blogworld...hopefully it all works out for you :)

have a wonderful weekend